“This was not just the best presentation of this conference; it was the best I have ever attended.”

“Important information, entertaining presentation style, and he didn’t talk over my head but made me understand an issue that used to be completely unfamiliar to me.”

“This 90 minute session flew by, leaving me wanting more. Please have Tim back.”

If you are looking for a conference keynote or breakout speaker who will generate reactions like these on your evaluation forms, consider this: Tim Rowan consistently earns audience feedback scores and write-in comments naming him “the best presentation of this conference,” “entertaining and engaging” and “a wealth of useful information.”

Topic areas Tim has prepared for 2012:

  • Right and Wrong Ways to Select A Technology Vendor
  • Let’s Tell the Truth About Point-of-Care Computing
  • Medicare’s DistRACtion: How to Lose Revenue to While Preparing for RAC Auditors
  • Characteristics of Home Care Agencies That Will Thrive Under ACOs and Bundled Payments…and Those That Will Not
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies: State of the Industry


Reasonable, negotiable speaker’s honorarium

  • For vendor user group meetings, requested fee is based on group size.
  • For state associations and other non-profit organizations, typically half the fee requested from vendors. Trade for exhibit hall booth often possible.
  • Reasonable expense reimbursement (coach airfare, conference hotel or moderate equivalent, airport shuttles when available rather than taxis and rental cars)
  • Presentation slides made available in advance, with permission to distribute


Call early. Tim’s fall and spring schedule fills well in advance.


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